“The world is crying in pain. The world has a solution. The planet itself, nature’s original painkiller.” (James Oschman 2009)

A significant amount of research is emerging on the effects of direct physical contact with the surface of the earth, ‘Earthing’, in terms and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. These effects have even been described as a form of ‘electric nutrition’.

Over the last ten years, research has shown that significant healing benefits can be gained from the earth’s electrical charge and the transference of electrons from the earth into the body. This transference results in physiological changes that can improve sleep, reduce pain and inflammation and improve blood flow.

The term ‘electron deficiency’ has been used to describe what happens when there is no direct skin contact with the earth due to wearing shoes with synthetic soles and therefore no natural supply of electrons. By reconnecting to the Earth’s energy, many common symptoms and their causes are reduced and sometimes eliminated, inflammation and pain among them.

This can be achieved simply by walking barefoot on the earth i.e. on grass or sand, for example. As sometimes that is not possible, or not convenient especially in the British climate, there are a range of conductive products (available from www.begrounded.co.uk) that can be used indoors and have exactly the same benefit as being barefoot outdoors.

I have been using Earthing sheets, mats and bands for a few years now and my family and I have greatly benefitted from nature’s healing energy in many different ways. We sleep better, my husband has far fewer aches and pains than he used too and overall we feel better.

I would highly recommend you give them ago!