I’m an experienced reflexologist and hold a Level 5 Mastership from the Reflexology Academy in London. I often describe reflexology as my first love as I trained in reflexology before becoming a massage therapist and know how powerfully healing and helpful to overall well-being reflexology can be.

Caroline Performing Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology treatments are tailored to the individual with the aim to restore the body’s natural balance and promote an enhanced feeling of well-being. As well as being known to relieve stress and tension, reflexology can help with a range of both physical and emotional conditions.

Having regular treatments can ensure that the body continues to sustain optimum health. Reflexology helps to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, balance the central nervous system and boost the immune system.

Caroline Performing Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is suitable for most people. Treatments can not only help with specific symptoms but will also help you to relax, de-stress and take time for yourself. Regular treatments can help your body to sustain optimum health and may be ideal as a preventative measure.

What happens during a Reflexology Treatment?

Your first appointment will last around 75 minutes to allow time for a consultation. We will complete a form and discuss any health issues you have and any medication you are taking. This will allow me to check for any contra-indications and to tailor the treatment just for you.
I will then ask you to remove your shoes and socks and to make yourself comfortable on the treatment couch, with the option of a cosy blanket.

Foot Reflexology Poster

Some people like to talk during a treatment whilst others prefer to be quiet and close their eyes. I take my lead from you but I will check in with you from time to time for feedback.

The style of reflexology I use in my treatments is based on the Advanced Reflexology Techniques of Tony Porter who recommends focused and firm treatments.

During the treatment, I will work the reflexes by applying pressure and by sliding over specific reflex areas. Some areas may be uncomfortable depending on the individual but this is usually only transient (and most people describe this as quite a pleasant sensation)
Most people have a feeling of relaxation, a release of tension, and an improved sense of well-being after treatment.
When it’s time to leave, my clients tend to feel brighter and more energised.

Caroline Pulling Client's Feet

I am a member of the Professional Reflexology and The Association of Reflexologists (AoR).